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Writer & Director

Stories of childhood, home, and identity intertwine as five figures recall their experiences of cultural disconnect as immigrants against a projector.

PASSWORD: fence24


CineFam Film Festival

Best Short Film 2021 


Canadian Film Festival

Best Producing Award 2021

Streamed on Amazon Prime Superchannel 2021


Canada Shorts Canadian & International Short Film Festival  

Award of Distinction 2021


Oakville Festival of Film and Art (OFFA)

​Best Student Film 2021

Audience Choice Award 2021


National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY)

Opening Night Screening 2022

Best Student Film Nominee 2022

Programmer's Pick 2022


Mosaic Internation South Asian Film Festival (MISAFF)

Best Canadian Short 2021


Reelworld Film Festival

Best Writer & Director Nominee 2021

​​Best Producer Nominee 2021


Sheridan College

Best Non-Fiction Film Award 2021

Vladimir Kabelik Excellence in  Documentary Filmmaking Award 2021

Sheridan College's Official 2021 Selection into the Student Academy Awards & CILECT


Durham Region International Film Festival

Best Student Film​ 2021


Barrie Film Festival

Third Place ​Open Category Winner 2021

UrbanArts Toronto

Official Selection 2023


Reelworld Building Resilient Communities Through Film Event 2023 Official Screenings in...





Brampton Canadian National Film Day Screening

Official Selection 2023


Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Private Screening 2022


Waterloo Region Migration Film Festival

Private Screening 2022

Do You See Us? Sheridan College International Day of Tolerance

Screening 2022


The Art Gallery of Mississauga | City Hall Border Crossings Concert
​Official Screening 2021

WIFT Showcase

​Official Selection 2021

CBC Gem Toronto Reel Shorts

Official Broadcast 2021

Vancouver International Women in Film Festival

Official Selection 2021

Yellowknife International Film Festival
Official Selection  2021

Cultural Lens Film Festival
Official Selection 2021

Milton Film Festival
Official Selection 2021


LIFT Off Global Network Sessions

Official Selection 2021


Diwa Filipino Film Showcase of Seattle

Official Selection 2021


Gen Zed Film Festival

Official Selection 2021



" A thought-provoking look at the meaning of home and identity."- Kevin Connor NFFTY 2022 Programmer

"This beautifully crafted film about identity captured by its five crew members all from various cultural backgrounds, transports us on a journey into the film’s core message: What is culture? As each storyteller sits in the foreground, profiled and shadowed to share deeply personal experiences of immigrant life, acclimation and loss, starkly juxtaposed home video images of their playful childhood's gleam in the background. This open and compelling film will return viewers to their own precious memories of culture with pride. Whether celebrating one’s heritage, home or country, we are reminded never to forget where we come from, for risk of sacrificing who we are along the way."

 - Lanettte Ware-Bushfield, WIFT Showcase 2021 Juror


"Simplicity is key to a great short and Paula Ner Dormiendo’s On The Fence has that quality in spades. It shows projections of home movies in the background and in front of that projection are shadows of young adults that those children have turned into. This juxtaposition of images are equally haunting because these young adults are 1.5 generation immigrants. And these immigrants, like myself, have specific yet complex feelings about their identities. The best of the festival’s shorts, especially when it reveals the relationship between crew and subjects." 
- Paolo Kagaoan, In the Seats


Writer & Director...Paula Ner Dormiendo

Producer...Asad Chaudhry

Director of Photography...Molly Maliszewski

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