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Director, Art Director & Editor

A commercial campaign shot for sustainable and eco-friendly haircare brand, Obloom. Run by Certified Cosmetic Formulator and passionate eco-warrior, Suzanne Soto-Davies, Obloom was created to protect nature and advocate for natural products for everyone.



"I'm in awe of all the work you've done to create my videos! From the meticulous planning and organization, through to the final deliverables, the process has been so easy and incredibly rewarding... it all looks just like i imagined! Love it! I highly recommend you to others who are looking for someone as talented as you to create a top notch video! This will really elevate my business, thank you so very much!"

- Suzanne, Truu By Nature Owner 



Director, Art Director & Editor...Paula Ner Dormiendo

Producer...Sabrina Soto

Director of Photography & Colorist...Yevgeniy Vaskov

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