on the fence



“On The Fence” follows several intertwined conversations with a group of multicultural individuals and their struggle with identity.

This film combats cultural dysphoria and allows audiences to find peace within themselves and rediscover Canadian customs and the culture that has gifted them a beginning. It is essential that those individuals see, not a disadvantage, but the privilege and beauty to have been a part of both.

"This beautifully crafted film about identity captured by its five crew members all from various cultural backgrounds, transports us on a journey into the film’s core message: What is culture? As each storyteller sits in the foreground, profiled and shadowed to share deeply personal experiences of immigrant life, acclimation and loss, starkly juxtaposed home video images of their playful childhood's gleam in the background. This open and compelling film will return viewers to their own precious memories of culture with pride. Whether celebrating one’s heritage, home or country, we are reminded never to forget where we come from, for risk of sacrificing who we are along the way."

                                                      - Lanettte Ware-Bushfield, WIFT Showcase 2021 Juror