" It was fairly obvious that the cinema should be my chosen means of expression. I made myself understood in a language that bypassed words, which I lacked, music, which I have never mastered, and painting, which left me unmoved. Suddenly, I had the possibility of corresponding with the world around me in a language that is literally spoken from soul to soul, in terms that avoid intellect in a manner almost voluptuous."
Ingmar Bergman


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Paula Ner Dormiendo (She/Her)

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Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Paula Ner Dormiendo and I'm a Filipino Canadian filmmaker based in the Greater Toronto Area.

I work in both narrative and documentary films with a focus on relationships and cultural identity through an intimate and unguarded lens. My most recent film, On The Fence, won best short film at OFFA and CineFam, was broadcasted on national television through CBC's Reel Shorts Program, and was selected as part of Reelworld and WIFT's 2021 Showcase. I've also worked under the wing of organizations such as PRIDE Toronto, APTN (Aboriginal People's Television Network), and Bell Media, and their notable networks like Much Music, CTV, and Discovery Channel. 

When I'm not writing my next script, I'm an assistant director, assistant production coordinator, editor, photographer, and graphic designer. I'm proud to have gained such extensive experience and skill sets to support my passion for storytelling over the years.

Currently, I'm working to develop my first film outside of school, having recently graduated from Sheridan College for Film & Television. I'm excited to step into the industry I've admired for so long and contribute to the growing voices of BIPOC womxn, demanding gender and racial parity within the film and television industry. 


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