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Me and my room                                                                                                                                                                                                           photo taken by my mom

show your work!

I've always had a certain affinity for the unique and satisfying aesthetic of an artist's worn out notebook or the organized chaos of sticky notes or photos, plastered on the walls of their studio. Inspired by one of my favorite authors, Austin Kleon (Steal Like an Artist &  Show Your Work), and my love for seeing hard work come to fruition, I invite you to take a look inside some of my process work.

Sunrise Fragrance

Show Your Work
Lighting Schematics

I've always been heavily inspired by the simplistic but elegant craftsmanship of Chanel and Dior Product Films so I decided to explore a similar style with my last assignment for my Cinematography class. Tasked with lighting and producing a tabletop commercial, I created a fictionalized perfume brand. 

I wanted to emulate that warm feeling of waking up to a sunrise in the comfort of your own bed, the stillness and quiet that comes when the world hasn't woken up - appropriately titled, Sunrise Fragrance.

I'd originally opted to name it Fleure and center the theme around tropical flowers but ultimately the idea of attempting to simulate a sunrise on set felt more exciting as a cinematographer.

I also ended up redesigning the logo to fit the commercial, wish I could've worked on it a bit more but I've included the final results of the sticker as well. : )

Sheridan Women In Film and Television (SWIFT) Club Logo 

Production Coordinators
* Maddy Southward
* Jessica Whittingham
Human Resources
* Candice Dixon

* Julianna Corso
* Emily Ryder
* Stephanie Nakashima


* Samantha van der Bent

Communication Ministers
* Olivia Chafe * Katie Mc
Events Ministers
* Andressa Back * Raine Berridge


* Bailey Regier

Run by a group of hard working and amazing women, SWIFT (Sheridan Women in Film and Television) @sheridan.wift is an organization committed to supporting women in the film and television program as well as other media based careers in Sheridan College further in their professional development.

Under the wonderful Emily Ryder's (SWIFT Co-President) guidance and inspired by Boticelli's masterpiece, The Birth of Venus, I present the final piece for the club's logo ❤️ Scroll left for some photos of early drafts and concepts!

To The Moon and Back

a Short Experimental Film

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life and to see if I could not learn what it had to teach and not when I came to die, learn that I had not lived." - Henry David Thoreau

My first found footage film in Experimental class explored the teachings of Thoreau's Walden which centered around the root of humanity in nature and individualism. Though the assignment was short, it was one of my favorites and allowed my ideas to wander more freely and intuitively edit for emotion rather than cohesion. As for the clips, I chose to include those from Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, as it parallels to the overarching theme, exploring the rise of industrialism during The Great Depression. Chaplin wanted to display the maltreatment of the working class during this period, as well as technology's ability to dehumanize - as exemplified in one of the most famous sequences in film history in which the Tramp is fed through the cogs of a factory.
I also sourced clips from Jane Goodall's documentary "Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees" as well as her biographical documentary "Jane" (which I highly recommend watching) - two films which greatly differ in tone but profoundly demonstrate the peaceful beauty of nature and Goodall's revolutionary work regardless.
As for the narration taken from It's A Wonderful Life, maybe its the line, "I'll give you the moon, Mary... then you can swallow and it'll all dissolve see, and the moonbeams will shoot out of your fingers, and your toes and the ends of your hair..." that I think perfectly and romantically captures the idea of being "one" with the world, or maybe it's the way James Stewart gently delivers it, or the lack of music replaced by the sounds of crickets in the background that create a beautiful stillness to the scene, but when making this assignment, I just knew I had to include it.

Manifestation Film Motion Graphics

When emotional pain manifests into a physical form, a seemingly powerless, young girl struggles to release the ever-increasing weight of her traumas.

Alongside Co-Directing, with the writer, Sofia Capista I also had the opportunity to take on the film's transmedia, so please feel free to look through some of the concepts for the website here and at !

The style was heavily influenced by the already striking themes of art as a powerful tool for self-expression, captured in the film's main themes and protagonist. This idea was only further extended through the film's transmedia and unifying aesthetic across all platforms through the dark colour pallette, caged girl, and the red paint motif used in the film. 

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